Waterproof Shoulder Bag Bicycle Handlebar Bag

Waterproof Shoulder Bag Bicycle Handlebar Bag

1. Made of PVC net clamping cloth, provides the best waterproof performance to protect your valuables from water, dirt, and dust. Durable, solid and easy to clean. 2. U-shaped and roll top closure, no zipper design, the capacity can be adjusted from 2L-3L to meet your needs, great for cell phone, camera, personal goods and some gadgets storage. 3. With three adhensive straps on the back, and adhensive buckle design on both sides , easy to fasten and install it on bike, also can quickly remove from your bike. Suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, etc. 4. Two kinds of usage: Bicycle handlebar bag and shoulder bag. With buckles on both sides, along with a shoulder strap, can be used to carry the bag anywhere after removing from bike.

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